Self Care Reminder

This week I’m sending out a self care reminder.  I’m sending it to you because I need it for myself.  Yesterday I realized I am exhausted.  My body is sore, my energy is low, my will-power is non-existent and I’m so tired.  I am also incredibly blessed with a daughter who e-mailed me this morning and encouraged me to take the weekend off and just relax.  She’d been over last night and saw that I was running on empty.  I knew it yet having her tell me really brought it home.  

I know I’m not alone in this but I am usually much more conscious of taking time for me.  The past few months however have been filled with more activities and stress than usual.  A busy fall season selling toys combined with my coaching and Belief Re-patterning business keep me busy.  Then of course, the Christmas season and all that entails.  Plus, I discovered training for a marathon is a part time job and along with all my usual family activities and obligations I haven’t really had any time off for quiet reflection………….

So guess what I’m doing this weekend?  

I’m going to enjoy a home cooked meal with Carl tonight then I’m hoping to finish reading my book.  Tomorrow I may go for a walk or run - and hopefully start a new book.  Sunday I plan to sleep until my body wakes up then decide what my soul longs to do.  Then do it.  I plan to invest in my self-care by doing whatever I feel like.  No agenda, no expectations, no guilt.  I’ll be breathing, stretching, writing and thinking………..and I plan to love every minute of it.  

How ‘bout you?  When was the last time you took a day or two to fill up  your cup?  Wanna join me this weekend?  We deserve it!!  

Word of the week - Credible